The Profile

Team Dimensions Profile Paper Version

With the Team Dimensions Profile discover the Creators, Advancers, Refiners and Executors on your team and learn to do the right thing at the right time for breakthrough team performance.

Successful team members don't do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. And while team members work together toward a common goal, individuals still must play their individual parts in the process.

As organizations rely more and more on teams to innovate, problem solve, produce and compete at the speed of change, clearly understanding and capitalizing on individual approaches to group process is the bottom line on creating high performance teams.

The Team Dimensions Profile is a unique and proven approach to team work. It identifies five key roles in innovative team performance:

  • Creators — Generates original concepts, goes beyond the obvious and sees the big picture. The Creator enjoys the creative process, thinks conceptually and is very open to change.
  • Advancers — Recognizes new directions, develops ways to promote ideas and moves toward implementation. The Advancer is a linear thinker and enjoys initiating change.
  • Refiners — Challenges and analyzes ideas to detect potential problems. Often plays the “devil's” advocate. By causing others to examine the idea closely, the Refiner makes sure the concept is thought through before implementation. The Refiner is a conceptual thinker who carefully scrutinizes planned change.
  • Executors — Lays the groundwork for implementation, checks for executional flaws, and manages the detailed tasks of getting the job done. The Executor is a linear thinker who carefully evaluates proposed changes before implementing them.
  • Facilitators — Work throughout the process to ensure tasks are handed off to the right people at the right time.

The profile uses the “Z Process” to map the flow of assigning roles, completing tasks, then handing off to the next person on the team. Using the five key roles in the “Z Process” gets new teams moving forward quickly and gets current teams unstuck.

Capitalize on Individual Strengths for Total Team Performance

The Team Dimensions Profile helps teams in your organization:

  • identify individual strengths and approaches to teamwork
  • clarify team members' roles
  • reinforce the contributions of every team member
  • reduce project cycle time and increase productivity
  • foster mutual support
  • enhance performance

Team Dimension's Unique Features Give Teams the Profile Advantage

  • Self-directed scoring and interpreting process that actively engages learner in context of personal experience.
  • Simplifies complex issues to increase understanding and applicability.
  • Focuses on assessing personal strengths and approaches to team and innovation processes.
  • Increases understanding of contributions of other team members
  • Creates a common, non-judgmental language for dealing with team goals, process and responsibilities.
  • Based on current research meeting highest standards of instrumented learning reliability and validity
  • Cost-effective and flexible resource that can be administered separately or within a broader program

Discover and Capitalize on Individual Strengths for Total Team Performance

  • Identify individual approaches to innovative teamwork
  • Clarify individual strengths and roles on the team
  • Reinforce and appreciate the contributions of others
  • Encourage team innovation and problem solving
  • Discover an effective team process to reduce project cycle time and increase productivity
  • Foster trust and build mutual support
  • Reduce team stress and conflict
  • Enhance individual and team performance for maximum results

The Facilitation System

Team Dimensions Facilitation System

Contains Everything You Need

Everything you need to administer the Team Dimensions Profile is contained in the comprehensive Facilitator's Kit. Designed to provide HRD, training, speaking and management professionals with practical, research-based expertise, the kit helps you deliver Wiley's unique approach to workplace learning:

  • provide a self-directed scoring and interpreting process that actively engages the learner in the context of personal experience
  • simplify complex issues to increase understanding
  • create a nonjudgmental language for identifying and dealing with team process and responsibilities
  • assess individual strengths
  • improve teamwork skills
  • value contributions of every team member
  • foster self-awareness and behavioral insights for long-term performance results

Facilitator's kit includes:

  • One Facilitator Manual
  • A fully scripted Team Innovation seminar
  • Research and technical background
  • One complete set of Hit the Mark learning game supplies
  • Two Team Dimensions Profiles
  • CD with reproducible handouts and transparency masters as a PowerPoint presentation on disk, including: handouts, notes and colored slides. IBM compatible PC and Microsoft PowerPoint software required.

Online Version

Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 Online

Team Dimensions Profile Online Version

Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 is a value-added version of the popular Team Dimensions Profile. While staying true to the original team roles and "Z" process, the Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 report incorporates an engaging, conversational style and includes a number of enhancements. Even though the report has been expanded, it's even simpler and easier to understand than the original. The model has been enhanced as well, so it tells a story visually, making it easier to remember and reinforcing learning.

This extensive 21 page report will help you capitalize on individual strengths when working with a team.

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