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Team Dimensions Profile Online

Team Dimensions Profile

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Team Dimensions Profile Online Version

Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 is a value-added version of the popular Team Dimensions Profile. While staying true to the original team roles and "Z" process, the Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 report incorporates an engaging, conversational style and includes a number of enhancements. Even though the report has been expanded, it's even simpler and easier to understand than the original. The model has been enhanced as well, so it tells a story visually, making it easier to remember and reinforcing learning.

This extensive 21 page report will help you capitalize on individual strengths when working with a team.

Successful team members don't do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. The Team Dimensions Profile helps individuals work from their strengths by identifying their most natural team role, while giving them added appreciation for the contributions of others. The five roles include: Creator, who generates ideas; Advancer, who promotes great ideas; Refiner, who challenges ideas; Executor, who manages details through completion and Flexer, who fills in the gaps. Identify individual strengths. Build team unity. Foster innovation. Reduce project cycle time. Negate stress and conflict. Make it all happen with the Team Dimensions Profile.

The Team Dimensions Profile Online Report helps teams and individuals in your organization:

  • identify individual approaches to innovative teamwork
  • match up individual strengths with team roles
  • reinforce and appreciate the contributions of others
  • encourage team innovation and problem-solving
  • reduce project cycle time and increase productivity
  • foster trust and build mutual support
  • reduce team stress and conflict


What is EPIC?

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EPIC is an electronic warehouse for learning tools and assessment profiles available via the internet that you can administer and control 24/7 for training, coaching and consulting purposes within your organization.

Manage your own Online access within your own organization. This Administrative sub-account allows you to assign / unassign and track access codes. To learn more about this feature please contact us via e-mail or phone toll free 1-888-426-0511.

EPIC allows you to:

  • Deliver 12 different assessments anywhere, anytime…24/7
  • Access 35 different individual & group Feedback Reports to support your training, consulting and coaching
  • Manage online learning & assessment tools within your own time frame
  • Control when learner’s view their online Reports…now or later
  • Identify group needs & preferences prior to developing training content
  • Personalize each Report with your organization’s logo & contact information

EPIC Improves & Expands Learning

  • Saves classroom time…30-60 minutes by administering tools online
  • Supports blended learning approaches
  • Provides in-depth Group Reports & early data review of learner preferences & needs
  • Starts the learning process early
  • Increases self-awareness by identifying and exploring strengths, developmental needs as well as blind-spots
  • Provides multiples tools for better self-management

EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) provides a simple way to deliver profiles via the Internet. Here's how it works: Once you set up your EPIC sub-account, you'll have access to all of Wiley's online profiles. From your PC, you can administer access codes that allow people to complete the assessments online. Once a respondent finishes answering the questions, the resulting report goes to the respondent or to you—you decide!

Take advantage of EPIC's many features and benefits to revolutionize the way you do business:

  • Gain Administrative Control
  • Deliver reports where and when you want
  • Manage just-in-time inventory
  • Address the needs of multi-location businesses
  • Run reports on customer purchases and response information
  • Provide larger clients with sub-accounts, giving them administrative control

Power Your Brand

  • Feature your logo and contact information on-screen and in print
  • Associate your brand with high-tech delivery

EPIC will quickly become your preferred way to take delivery of online assessments. Why?

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved accuracy and ease of scoring
  • Added training time
  • Supports blended learning initiatives
  • Enhanced Report Options
  • Get unique reports and features not available in paper profiles
  • Build group reports from stored data
  • Easily regenerate group reports as staff changes