TRC-The Resource Connection is passionate about Inspiring Success through personal and professional development. We believe that creativity, understanding, innovation and synergy are only possible through insight and growth and we have the tools to both stimulate it and support it within your organization. We have had the privilege of being the go-to resource in our clients’ Fortune 100-500 companies for learning, training and talent development since 1986. We are committed, responsive, experienced and we love what we do.



We specialize in helping you select the right tool, assessment or program to maximize your talent. Allow us to match your distinct needs with the right choice from our valid, reliable and easy to use resources. We welcome the chance to put our extensive experience to work for you and your organizational needs.

We provide assessments, tools, resources and programs in the following areas:

Customized Training

Customized Training

How are training program decisions made in your organization? We've all been inspired by reading the latest book, attending an industry conference, hearing a motivational speaker or being told "you need training". Is this really the BEST WAY to make these decisions?

TRC-The Resource Connection will take time to listen to your needs, frustrations, aspirations and goals..........and still ask the tough questions to help you decide if training is the solution and if so, what kind of training/learning process would best meet your needs.

All of our programs are customized to address your specific needs within your unique environment, tailored to meet your goals and objectives.

We believe in the following Training Principles...

  • training isn't always the right solution — sometimes it's the symptom
  • training should be considered when the individuals “can't do” the task or skill required…helping individuals that simply “won't” perform involves motivation and management
  • the length of training time required to address a performance issue or skill deficiency should be based upon the level of proficiency desired ...real skill building takes time
  • isolated training events can inspire, motivate and increase awareness but rarely do they improve or change performance in the long run
  • repetition is part of how adults learn therefore training implemented over a period of time will always be more effective and better retained than a one shot deal
  • hands on field assignments designed for your company are one of the better ways to transfer learning back into the workplace — most people don't “get it” until they've tried it
  • sometimes training isn't needed at's something else
  • training impacts “my ability to perform”, consulting addresses “why I'm not using it”
  • even the best training will fail without reinforcement — that's why management must be involved and a reinforcement process must be in place after an event

We offer customized Workshops, Seminars and Program Series personalized for your company, your culture, your staff and your learning objectives in the following subject areas:

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Team Building, Teamwork and Team Performance
  • Leadership, Management and Supervision
  • Work Styles / Communication Styles
  • Change
  • DiSC®
  • Everything DiSC®

We offer TRAIN THE TRAINER preparation for our learning tools, materials and Facilitation Systems in our “On Line Store” in the following areas:

Talent Development

Talent Development

Developing the talent of your entire staff is essential in today’s competitive, unforgiving marketplace.  We have assessment tools with in-depth Feedback Reports to help you understand the needs, preferences, skills, abilities and style of each team member, manager, leader, executive or Team within your organization.  We specialize in helping you select the right tool and resources to maximize your “Talent”.  If you are in need of identifying the best assessment tool/Report, please give us the opportunity to match your needs with the right choice from our valid, reliable and easy to use resources. We welcome the chance to put our 25 plus years of experience to work for you and your Talent’s needs.

Team Performance

We are passionate about Teams and Team Performance. It's hard to imagine anything more rewarding than helping a team succeed beyond their wildest dreams, grow beyond their limitations and deliver as they've never done before. Yet how do we begin? Why would you even consider contacting a Team Building Consultant? Well here are some of our clients “Top 10 Reasons” you see yours?

10 Reasons for Calling a Team Building Consultant

  • Reason 1: Your Team isn't working together as a team, there's conflict, sniping, backstabbing and general discontent resulting in low morale
  • Reason 2: Your Team is stuck and unable to meet goals & deadlines
  • Reason 3: Your Team is preparing to face a significant challenge or project requiring their BEST ever performance
  • Reason 4: Your Team is in the midst of reorganization within the dept., group, company or industry
  • Reason 5: Your Team needs a boost, tune up or motivational burst......they've been working hard against difficult odds and need renewal
  • Reason 6: Your Team is new, inexperienced with one another and you need them to produce like a seasoned team ASAP
  • Reason 7: Your Team is so experienced and seasoned they're stuck in a rut, resistant to change
  • Reason 8: Your Team is frustrated with the organization, management, and / or workload issues and you need to get to the bottom of it
  • Reason 9: Your Team is losing talented key players and you're not sure why
  • Reason 10: Your Team is frustrated with management and it's impacting productivity and turnover

Teamwork enhances productivity, creates innovation and meets business demands in ways individuals can not. Teamwork creates a sense of belonging and commitment unparalleled by individual performance. Effective teams accomplish more business results while enjoying greater work satisfaction.

  • How can you and your organization experience the “BEST that Teams” can offer?
  • How can you and your organization or department build, enhance and sustain this level of on-going team performance?

The Resource Connection has a team building formula that takes NEW as well as, EXISTING teams through the steps of “Teaming”. A customized plan is created to take your team from its current level of performance to desired and often unexpected performance levels in a designated time frame.

Consultation, skill building and organizational assessment are combined to develop and implement a plan that addresses the “true needs” of the team in a responsible & results oriented manner. Lasting behavioral change within teams and individuals depends upon consistency. The most lasting impact on team performance occurs when an intervention plan is implemented over a period of time with consistent feedback and support. This is our approach at The Resource Connection.

Leadership & Management Performance

Leadership and Management Teams are built one step at a time through relationship building, consensus building, conflict resolution, goal achievement and good ole fashion hard work. Leaders and Managers are rarely developed in a straight line…their growth, crises and successes take place as they fight their way through a maze of barriers that daily test each individual’s commitment, values, perseverance and general tenacity.

Developing and enhancing the performance level of a new or existing Leadership or Management Team requires patience, focus, commitment and a solid plan. The Resource Connection will take time to understand the diverse and perhaps competing work styles, personalities, organizational demands, market pressures and more impacting the performance of your Leader / Management Team. A Development Plan with recommendations designed to take your Team from where it is to where it needs to be will be presented along with time frames, checkpoints and investment required.

“Rome wasn't built in a day” and neither will your Leadership / Management Team. Developing and maintaining a high performance, successful Leadership or Management Team that can survive the test of time, new players, new competitors, reorganization, financial downturns, politics and interpersonal conflict takes a repeated, focused commitment to develop the individuals and the team over time…be it one, two or three years depending upon the level of challenges to be faced. The Resource Connection will serve as your guide, your resource, your developer and your evaluator as you move through this process.

TRC-The Resource Connection offers Leadership & Management consulting, training & development and coaching.  Your challenges and opportunities become the goals and objectives to create a customized solution focused on performance.  Solutions may include personalized skills-based Workshops or an entire Program Series created to address your specific needs via training and consulting.


Have you ever been stumped or mystified by a performance issue with one of your team members…unable to get to the root of the problem and therefore uncertain what to do next to help the individual overcome it and move forward.

The Resource Connection partners with leaders, managers and supervisors to identify, understand and work through individual team member performance challenges. We listen, we observe, we seek understanding before we recommend any course of action.

Why Invest in Coaching?

  • Your star performer just fell out of the sky and joined the ranks of your “troubled performers”
  • You have a very talented individual performer with this itty bitty problem that needs to be addressed....worked through.....changed or eliminated soon
  • You have a manager or executive who produces results and you can't afford to lose them however their leadership/management approach is creating costly turnover
  • Your Leadership or Management Team just received their employee satisfaction and/or 360 degree survey results. Some did quite well but others didn' do you confidentially yet effectively help those that not only didn't see this coming but don't know what to do about it?
  • You are a Senior Executive or Entrepreneur with extraordinary business skills, proven financial track record and considered an expert within your field or profession….your organization has grown to the point where you spend 90% of your time solving people problems — perhaps your least favorite thing to do

From time to time we all need a Coach....someone capable of assessing our strengths and weaknesses while providing guidance and support as we maximize our game. Coaching is a performance management tool that makes sense when the needs are specific, a training program won't do, the individual is worth investing in and the need for confidentiality is high. Coaching is a life changing process that helps individuals improve their skills and abilities to handle the current situation more effectively and the promise of better decisions ahead.

The Resource Connection offers the following types of one-on-one individual Coaching Plans.

Process Coaching — this type of coaching helps individuals work through a circumstance, situation or decision filled with complexity, conflicting agendas and needs of great personal and professional importance.

Talent Development Coaching — this type of coaching helps individuals develop or enhance specific skills, abilities or expertise needed to remain or advance within their chosen professional field.

Leadership/Management Coaching — this type of coaching provides Leaders and Managers with a “safe harbor” to explore, discuss and rehab any style, skill or issue limiting their current performance, future success or career aspirations.

Entrepreneur / Executive Coaching — this type of coaching provides entrepreneurs and senior executives with an objective look at their skills, abilities and limitations. Those at the top have many critics, fewer trusted advisors and often no one willing or capable of helping them enhance, tweak or overhaul their leadership approach or people skills with complete confidentiality.


Confidential Advisor

As a leader, executive or manager you may have days when you wonder...

  • Who can I really talk to?
  • Who will be there for you when times are tough and decisions are many?
  • Who will be your voice of reason?
  • Who will really listen?
  • Who can offer a perspective that is genuinely helpful?

Let us do for you what we have been doing since 1986...let us be your behind the scenes advisor and resource concerning the “people side” of your business.

Leilani takes time to listen carefully to the events and circumstances you are facing. Her numerous and penetrating questions often bring about new and unexpected solutions. She offers an objective ear with years of successful experience within numerous companies and a wide variety of industries.

Her ability to understand the “mosaic” nature of people allows her to piece together a more holistic resolution designed to address the many facets, feelings and facts involved. Three dimensional thinking is required on a daily basis in today's multifaceted business environment. We bring this and more to you and your organization. Developing a long term relationship with Leilani and TRC-The Resource Connection means you will have the resources you require along with a “voice of reason” during times of need.