Experience: With over 20 plus years of experience serving both large and small organizations, TRC-The Resource Connection has established itself as the “go to” resource for your team’s development. An organization is not only as good as the sum of its parts, but can be even better when those parts are trained and directed efficiently. As Certified DiSC trainers and seasoned veterans in the field of T&D, HR & OD, The Resource Connection is a tremendous ally in an unpredictable market and an ever changing work environment.

Expertise: TRC-The Resource Connection is a diversified Consulting and Training firm specializing in People Performance and Assessment Technology. Working hand in hand with in-house Leaders, Managers and Executives, The Resource Connection helps you to identify the strengths and potential inherent in your organization while Inspiring Success in the organization as a whole. No matter your overall goal, The Resource Connection can facilitate the most direct path toward it, through development, training and maximization of potential.

Excellence: Led by Leilani M. Poland, TRC-The Resource Connection strives for nothing short of Excellence. With an impressive track record, Leilani paves the way for her clients to achieve the sort of excellence in their team and their organization for which they have been searching. Offering a one stop for leadership, management and team development, The Resource Connection provides the training and learning resources, team performance management and diversified programs and tools that will change the way you do business.

Customized Training and Talent Development

Developing the undiscovered potential within your existing staff and team members remains one of the BEST ways to retain the talent you already have. Question: Do you have a process in place that identifies, stretches and grows the talents and abilities of your people before losing them to some other company?

TRC-The Resource Connection offers a three prong approach to this challenge:

  • Collaborate with you and your organization to identify the “real” needs
  • Create and deliver customized training that fits your organization and address your specific goals and objectives
  • Reinforce skill development to ensure they are utilized successfully and effectively within the workplace

Leilani Poland

Leilani M. Poland
TRC-The Resource Connection LLC

Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Leilani has an inherent understanding of business and the challenges embedded in not only surviving, but thriving. Leilani has been Inspiring Leilani M Poland, Owner, President The Resource ConnectionSuccess through consulting and providing learning solutions to individuals, executive teams, leaders and managers since 1978. In 1986, she founded her own business, TRC-The Resource Connection LLC, in order to provide the necessary resources for all of her clientele’s “people performance” needs.

The Resource Connection facilitates an organization’s progress through team building, developing managers and leaders, and providing assessments and learning experiences essential to building your company’s professional future. Over the years, Leilani has facilitated the growth and development of companies of all sizes, from small and medium entrepreneurial start-ups to large fortune 100 corporations.

Leilani creates a foundation for her consulting approach by drilling down to the root of her clients’ needs and desires. She conducts extensive interviews in order to garner a comprehensive understanding of the organization and thereby assist in creating a customized path for positive forward movement through assessment, identification of potential, leadership development and growth. Leilani facilitates her clients in clearly defining the issue/problem, identifying the strengths of the organization and inventorying the available problem-solving resources within the organization. By doing this, The Resource Connection can then synthesize the information and provide options, resources and recommendations. While in a working partnership with the Resource Connection, Leilani and her team provide as much consultation and support as necessary to successfully implement the solution strategies to drive your organization to sustainable and rewarding results.

Ms. Poland is a talented speaker, facilitator and developer of learning solutions. All of her numerous development programs are designed to help business people become more “efficient with tasks and more effective with people.” Whether as a consultant, coach or trainer, it is always her desire to establish and maintain long-term enduring relationships with clients that allow her to invest in and help actualize the objectives of the organization.

Leilani actively participates, locally and nationally, with the Association for Talent Development and The National Women’s Business Enterprise, as The Resource Connection is an entirely women-owned small business. Leilani graduated with high honors from Rollins College, in Winter Park, Florida with a B.S. in Human Resource Development. When Leilani is not hard at work, she enjoys reading, long walks, family time and trips to her home state of Maine.



Ayesha G. Shenk

Ayesha G. Shenk
Client Consultant
TRC-The Resource Connection

Ayesha Shenk joined The Resource Connection synthesizing her extensive experience in various fields and her passion for people and learning. Ayesha worked in media relations for Newsweek Magazine, as the Vice President of development and marketing for a Florida based builder, and as a therapist in private practice in Winter Park, Fl. Ayesha BullockAfter a number of years in various business and executive roles, Ayesha returned for her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Rollins College in Winter Park, Fl. After completing this degree, Ayesha built a thriving practice but also searched for a way in which she could continue to use her love for Inspiring Success in individuals, teams and organizations as well. The Resource Connection was pleased to provide just this sort of role for her.

Ayesha feels passionately about the power of insight both for the individual and the system in which he or she may operate. Ayesha’s role at The Resource Connection allows her to assist our clients in using the best tools and resources to create a system that may maximize the potential and talent of the individual, the team, the leader and thereby the entire organization. 

Ms. Shenk is a wide range consultant for The Resource Connection. Often making on-site visits to become more intimately acquainted with our clients’ businesses, she helps them to implement learning solutions and training and development programs essential for their growth and sustainable improvement. Ayesha is able to truly connect with our clients both in person and remotely while attending to their needs. She assists in strategic planning for TRC as well as helps to navigate day-to-day client management and development. Having been certified in DiSC, The MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and now working with Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Ayesha will continue to be an essential resource to our clients.

Having specialized in Psychology, English and The Arts both in her boarding school in North Andover, MA as well as at Georgetown University, in Washington DC from where she matriculated, Ayesha complements The Resource Connection team with her commitment to learning, insight and growth through assessment, education and reflection. When Ayesha is not in the office or attending to her private practice, she enjoys travel, exercise, cooking and time spent with loved ones.


Dr. Burt Bertram

Burt Bertram, ED. D.
Senior Facilitator & Consultant
TRC -The Resource Connection LLC

Dr. Burt Bertram has long been a consultant to The Resource Connection synthesizing his extensive experience as an organizational consultant, therapist, professor and author. Having been in practice in the Orlando area since 1972, Burt’s professional efforts focus on assisting individuals, couples, families and work groups to productively identify, Burt Bertram, Senior Facilitator, Consultant The Resource Connectionunderstand and address the issues that are influencing or shaping their lives or organizations. In that regard, Burt is professionally most satisfied when he is helping resolve sensitive, complex, and important “people-related” issues bringing about not only growth… but results.

In the business environment, executive team development, team building, group planning, creative thinking, problem solving and conflict resolution are Burt’s areas of expertise. He has consulted with and/or provided training to hundreds of work groups, teams, and organizations representing corporations, government, professional and trade associations, and community organizations. Dr. Bertram has facilitated executive teams, leadership teams, boards and community groups to articulate a vision for the future; to create action plans and/or annual goals; to understand and accept change; to open dialogue and resolve conflict; and to improve communication and teamwork. He has made over 300 professional presentations at national and regional conferences and has conducted over a 1,000 seminars for community and/or workplace audiences.

In addition to his counseling and consulting practice, Dr. Bertram has been an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate Studies in Mental Health Counseling program at Rollins College for over twenty years. He also maintains a consulting relationship with Florida Hospital where he assists practicing physicians to manage the complexities and stressors of life through counseling, coaching and consultation. In this role, he is considered “The Docs’ Doc.”

As Senior Facilitator and Consultant at The Resource Connection, Dr. Bertram is able to blend his extensive experience bringing people together and catalyzing change with his keen organizational acumen. In this way, he assists our clients as they navigate the challenges of maximizing the potential of the individual, the team, the leader and thereby the entire organization. Dr. Bertram leads our clients through the sort of in-depth processing necessary to realize truly system-wide sustainable change.

Dr. Bertram is a past president of the Florida Counseling Association, the Florida Mental Health Counselors Association and the Central Florida Association for Marriage & Family Therapy. Bertram received his doctorate in Counselor Education from the University of Florida and is a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist. He and collaborator Anne Marie “Nancy” Wheeler are authors of The Counselor and the Law, published by the American Counseling Association. When Burt is not consulting or counseling, he enjoys spending time in Maine with family, peak-bagging the White Mountain range, traveling, cooking and time spent with loved ones.



Gregory Scott

Gregory Scott
Facilitator & Consultant
TRC -The Resource Connection LLC

Gregory Scott comes to TRC-The Resource Connection with a variety of experience and expertise. After six years in the United States Navy Submarine Force, Gregory transitioned to civilian life and embarked on a career spanning more than twenty years in the Nursing and Medical Industry. Mr. Scott worked in various roles as an allied health professional and as a Registered Nurse specializing in Cardiology and Electrophysiology. Mr. Scott found great satisfaction working for giants in the industry such as Johnson & Johnson and St. Jude Medical.

Gregory’s responsibilities included: Professional Education Specialist, New Technology Specialist, Clinical Account Specialist, Senior Technical Service Specialist and Territory Manager throughout his tenure.

Gregory has always had a passion for highly functional team development, creative problem solving, personal/group communication and conflict resolution. Most recently, Mr. Scott is working towards his licensure as a Mental Health Counselor to further understand and leverage the nuances of counseling and consulting as they pertain to individual, team and organizational performance.

Gregory has been a phenomenal addition to the TRC team as he shares in our passion for growth and our belief in purposeful development. Gregory is certified in Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. He facilitates hands-on consulting and group engagements for TRC as we continue to Inspire Success through insight-oriented growth and development of the individual, the team and the organization.


Jean Campana

Jean L. Campana, MBA
Senior Facilitator & Consultant
TRC -The Resource Connection LLC

Since 1988, Jean Campana has consulted with a variety of organizations, including local and state governments, school districts, public utilities and Jean Campana, Senior Facilitator, Consultant with The Resource Connectiondefense systems groups. Within the private sector, she has extensive experience with manufacturers, construction companies, architectural and engineering firms, theme parks, associations, health care providers, and not for profit organizations.  Diverse groups seek her counsel and guidance in areas such as strategic planning, partnering, performance and process improvement, team building and coaching.

As an expert in a broad spectrum of disciplines and techniques, (visioning, strategic planning, partnering, team development, conflict resolution, and individual coaching) she has created and facilitated seminars and workshops for executives, managers and teams throughout the United States. Her sessions result in approaches and solutions that can readily and effectively be adopted and applied by the client.  She has written a Strategic Planning workbook based on her proprietary model and co-written a workbook, “Partnering: Building the Future Side by Side.”  Both are used in facilitating workshops and retreats.

Previously, as Manager of Source Surveillance Engineering for Hughes Aircraft Co. Electro-Optical & Data Systems Group (EDSG), she was responsible for ensuring the quality and integrity of parts purchased for major defense programs.  As a Project Manager for Kearney & Trecker, she managed and participated in the installation and start-up of flexible manufacturing (robotic) systems.  Her highly effective approach was to focus and unite the efforts of all stakeholders toward a common goal.

Ms. Campana is a certified DiSC® Trainer, a qualified administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and has used Patrick Lencioni’s model extensively with teams throughout the years, most recently culminating in the addition of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ learning assessment and in-depth facilitation model. Campana Consulting has Women/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise certification. Ms. Campana’s academic background includes a Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Arts in Management and Psychology from Alverno College.

Ms. Campana and TRC-The Resource Connection have created a unique and synergistic partnership in order to provide specialized engagements that highlight Ms. Campana’s expertise and experience while dovetailing beautifully with TRC’s philosophy on assessment technology. Together they share a commitment to Inspiring Success  through insight and growth and development of the individual, the team and the organization.


Cindy Neal

Cindy C. Neal
Senior Facilitator & Consultant
TRC -The Resource Connection LLC

Cindy Neal brings over 25 years of experience in the fields of Learning and Development, Human Resources, and Organizational Effectiveness to The Resource Connection. Cindy NealOver the last eight years Ms. Neal has been primarily focused on facilitation, learning and development, instructional design, and executive coaching within high profile organizations. Cindy specializes in leadership development and DiSC based learning. She also has experience with an extensive portfolio of leadership and essential skills programs such as communication strategies, team effectiveness, decision making, engagement and motivation.  She brings a dynamic synergy of delivery, knowledge and strategies to create a highly interactive learning environment that engages participants and fosters learning through participation and gained insight.

Cindy spent nine years with Universal Orlando where she led the Leadership Training and Development team.  Cindy led the development of internally created, multi-level leadership training programs for Supervisors through Senior Leaders.  In addition, she worked with Senior Executives to create a series of annual leadership programs designed to focus the organization on key strategic initiatives.  Cindy also has extensive experience providing internal consultation to individuals and divisional teams furthering team effectiveness strategies.

Prior to Universal Orlando, Cindy led learning and development for Executrain Corporation as VP of Global Learning and Quality, where she was responsible for learning strategies, research, design, and quality standards for instructors and the products and services provided to their global client base.

Cindy is a member of the Association for Talent Development and the Society for Human Resource Management. She is certified in multiple leadership programs and a senior facilitator for the entire Everything DiSC suite. Using her prolific knowledge and expertise to deliver the spectrum of DiSC programs extensively, Cindy has a way of bringing Everything DiSC to life for our clients.

Ms. Neal and The Resource Connection have created a unique and synergistic partnership in order to provide specialized engagements that highlight Ms. Neal’s expertise and experience while dovetailing beautifully with The Resource Connection’s philosophy on leveraging assessment technology in order to Inspire Success. Together they share a commitment to accelerate the insight, growth and development of the individual, the leader, the team and the organization.



Penny Proctor

Penny S. Proctor
Administrative Assistant & Webmaster
TRC - The Resource Connection LLC

Penny Proctor became one of the foundational team members of The Resource Connection in 1994. Establishing systems and maintaining the financial and administrative side of the business, Penny’s long standing career with The Resource Connection has made her an essential element of our team. Not only does Ms. Proctor help navigate the ‘business and technology side’ of TRC but she also retains the distinction of being our “EPIC Wizard.”

Often running webinars and teaching our clients the administrative intricacies of our online learning platforms, Penny is known as the ‘go-to resource’ at TRC when technology becomes confounding. Hailing from La Crescent, Minnesota, Penny found her niche in Orlando at TRC by combining her extraordinary attention to detail with a passion for helping people to grow by better leveraging their assessment technology and learning resources.

Before joining TRC, Penny worked with chemically dependent adolescents in Ohio, giving her unique insight into the way individuals operate under stress and in varied environments. (She can manage to calm even the most overwhelmed administrator in any time of need!)

Committed to our clients and to continuously keeping us on the leading edge of technology, Penny not only develops and maintains the website, but also ‘holds down the fort’ when Leilani and her team are out implementing workplace solutions or helping clients on-site.

Penny feels connected to our clients and enjoys helping them to create powerful and sustainable solutions within the organizations in which they work. The Resource Connection is pleased to provide a context for Ms. Proctor’s wide range of talents and skills as she helps to empower administrators to develop a mastery of the learning systems they implement.

When Penny is not in the office or training administrators, she enjoys spending time with her daughter Megan, volunteering with the Freedom High School Band or watching her beloved Minnesota Viking Football.