How It Works
Use of MyEverythingDiSC requires the learner to create an account and import their completed Everything DiSC profile. Their EPIC administrator can turn on access to all or part of MyEverythingDiSC at any point of the assessment process, or as a follow-up after their classroom training.

Learners are able to access their profile, discover more about their style, reports, and their customers through Customer Interaction Maps (exclusive to the Everything DiSC® Sales profile) and their Comparisons. Both individual and group comparisons can be created and offer content exclusive to MyEverythingDiSC

Learner Take-Aways

  • Access profiles anytime, with any device...completely mobile friendly
  • Deepen understanding of the theory and research behind Everything DiSC
  • Learn more about how their DiSC styles impact workplace preferences
  • Invite others to compare DiSC styles—and accept invites to compare from others
  • Create Customer Interaction Maps for improving sales relationships (Exclusive to Everything DiSC Sales)



Video Resources

Intro to MyEverythingDiSC®
Introduction to MyEverythingDiSC
Kari Learns About MyEverythingDiSC®
Kari Learns about MyEverythingDiSC
My Comparisons Tutorial
My Comparisons Tutorial

Other Resources

  • Participant Instructions to set up their account View Now
  • PowerPoint Presentation about MyEverythingDiSC (PDF) View Now
  • Making the Most of MyEverythingDiSC View Now
  • Add MyEverythingDiSC to a Mobile Device View Now
  • Experience it First Hand
    • Login and Demo Login URL:
    • Login Email to view demo:
    • Login Password: Demo!39*
    • Please note this is a public website and anyone can create an account. However, without completing an Everything DiSC Assessment and adding it to an account, the content is extremely limited.
  • Comparison Report Dialogue Activity

***Requires an EPIC Account and the use of  Everything DiSC Assessments

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