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About MBTI®Complete

Understanding Your Personality Type and Strengths How does this work and what do I receive?

  1. Purchase MBTI®Complete
  2. Review instructions on your paid receipt and be sure to send us Names and Email addresses for all receiving the MBTI Complete
  3. You will receive a personal email with the link to complete your MBTI Complete
  4. Complete MBTI®Complete Assessment Online - takes approximately 20 minutes
  5. Access online interpretation immediately to learn about type, how it works and verify your results - takes 45-60 minutes to work through online interpretation
  6. Print your 3 page description of your best fit Type
Understanding personality type is powerful. MBTI®Complete is the starting point of a journey that reveals the value of understanding personality differences and their impact on employee development.

For the first time ever, discover your Myers-Briggs personality type and experience an online interpretation in the comfort of your office or home via the internet.

MBTI®Complete brings together for the first time the genuine Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment and a basic gold standard interpretation developed by type expert Allen Hammer. Endorsed by the Myers and Briggs Foundation, this one stop online offering boosts training effectiveness by automating participants' introduction to personality type.

Using MBTI®Complete allows you to:

  • Take the full MBTI assessment on your own timetable and at your own pace
  • Learn about type and how it works
  • Determine your four-letter type and verify your results
  • Receive a 3 page description of your best fit Type
  • Learn about your preferences, including how you interact with others, your strengths, and your important areas for growth
"The goal of MBTI®Complete," says MBTI®Complete author Allen Hammer, Ph.D. "is to fulfill the vision of Isabel Briggs Myers, making the benefits of psychological type available to everyone."

MBTI®Complete puts you, your employees and your clients in the driver's seat. In about an hour online, you can take the assessment and participate in an interactive learning session/interpretation. Even before you discover your four-letter type, you will learn what the different preferences are and how these work together.

All-In-One MBTI Assessment
Plus Interpretation

MBTI®Complete delivers the genuine Myers-Briggs assessment and an interactive online learning session/interpretation for your clients. The 45-60 minute learning session steps include:

  • Learn about personality type
  • Discover your personality preferences
    • How you take in information
    • How you make decisions
    • Where you focus your attention
    • How you deal with the outer world
  • Estimate and confirm your MBTI type
  • Receive your four-letter MBTI type description
  • Explore next steps

What can MBTI®Complete do for me, my department/Team or my organization?

As an INDIVIDUAL, MBTI®Complete allows me to:

  • Discover  my own personality preferences & MBTI Type
  • Learn  about type & how it works at my own pace via the online interpretation
  • Walk  away with a 3 page description of my Type for future reference

For my DEPARTMENT/TEAM, MBTI®Complete will provide:

  • a  way to understand one another & speak the same language
  • an  online private interpretation to develop a basic understanding of Type and how  it works prior to attending training
  • a  confidential way for each team member to discover their own personality  preferences online
  • a  common language to become a more integrated healthy Team

For my ORGANIZATION, MBTI®Complete will provide:

  • everyone  with the ability to better understand one another in the workplace
  • a common language to promote and  encourage better communication
  • a  way to cost effectively provide “personality development” using MBTI for all  employees regardless of location
  • a  way to save valuable classroom training time and employee hours away from work  by providing an online foundational understanding of Type prior to future MBTI Training
  • consistent high quality interpretations available 24/7 as needed

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