Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Model

What is the Work of Leaders?  What do Leaders have in common that transcends their chosen industry and position within the organization?  The answer is…Vision, Alignment and Execution.  All Leaders must craft a Vision, gain Alignment and buy-in for that vision and drive towards the achievement of that vision through Execution.  Not any easy task.

Imagine a customized workshop or series of workshops that begin with benchmarking all of your leaders against 18 research-validated Best PracticesWork of Leaders Model.  Leaders engage inhands-on exercises and activities that build their knowledge and skill level across the drivers and practices that compel Vision, Alignment & Execution within their departmentand/or team.  

The Work of Leaders will take your participants on a leadership journey of accelerated growth that connects their learning process to the “real world demands” of their role within the organization. They will identify their top 3 strengths as well as their 3 most distinct developmental needs and walk away with clear prescriptive strategies for improving their leadership effectiveness.  The result of this program is greater confidence, skill and insight into the world of leadership and more sustainable results from the Work of Leaders.

Workshop Options

Leadership Development Workshop Options

Full Day

  • Time Required 7-8 hours
    • Leadership Assessment
    • Work of Leaders Content
      • Crafting a Vision
      • Building Alignment
      • Championing Execution
    • Strengths & Challenges & Action Plan

Multiple Half Days

3-4 Half Day Sessions Scheduled 3-6 weeks apart

Multiple Full Days

2-3 Full Day Sessions Scheduled 4-8 weeks apart


1-2 Full Days

  • Needs Assessment with Sr. Consultant
  • Pre-work Leadership Assessment per Leader
  • Work of Leaders Content
  • Crafting a Vision: Exploration - Boldness- Testing Assumptions
  • Building Alignment: Clarity - Dialogue - Inspiration
  • Championing Execution: Momentum - Structure - Feedback
  • 18 Leadership BEST Practices
    • Benchmarked & Skill Building
  • Customized to include Real World Challenges / Opportunities
  • Identify Top 3 Leadership Strengths
  • Identify Top 3 Leadership Challenges
  • Action Plans


  • Follow-up Session
    • 3-6 months after program

  • One-on-One Coaching
    • 1-3 Sessions per Leader

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