This item has been discontinued by the Publisher Wiley. It is available for current users of this profile and will be produced on an as needed basis. Please call for current in stock sets you may need to allow up to 30 days for delivery.

I-Sight®: A Way to Understand Yourself and Others is a unique learning profile developed for young people and adults. Using the DiSC Dimensions of Behavior model, a reliable approach to understanding human behavior, I-Sight creates positive self awareness and understanding of others by helping young people recognize and accept behavioral differences. I-Sight provides a guided exploration of behavior across four primary dimensions, described in fresh, easy-to-understand language:

D — Direct and active
i — interested and lively
S — Steady and cooperative
C — Concerned and correct

Most importantly, I-Sight is not a test. It's a colorful, personal learning tool young people can respond to confidentially and comfortably using a self directed scoring process. I-Sight reinforces things they may already know about themselves and reveals new insights. It provides a common, objective framework for looking at how their behavior impacts others. And it gives them proven approaches for interacting more effectively with others. I-Sight is a unique, cost effective resource that engages youth in developing positive human relations skills. Utilizes the Short Phrase Version Format