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Set the Standard for Self-Understanding
DiSC provides a non-judgmental language for exploring workplace behaviors. DiSC Classic can help employees at all levels:

  • Understand their own behavior
  • Learn how and when to adapt their behavior
  • Improve communication
  • Promote appreciation of differences
  • Enhance individual and team performance
  • Reduce conflict
  • Create and maintain client relationships
  • Manage difficult customer service situations

DiSC Classic paper profile is the original hand-scored paper DiSC profile. This flagship instrument has been used with organizations across the globe for over thirty years to help individuals improve communication and reduce conflict.

DiSC® Classic Products

DiSC® Classic Paper Profile

The DiSC® Classic Profile is a learning tool with practical workplace applications. The DiSC Classic Profile is designed to complement and supplement your existing training programs. By helping employees sharpen their people skills, it clears away the biggest obstacle to success on the job.

Paper DiSC Classic Assessments:

DiSC Classic Facilitation System

DiSC Classic Facilitation materials provides you and your organization with immediate resources to create and deliver training based upon the DiSC model, whether you are working with a paper or online version of DiSC Classic.

Learn more about DiSC Classic Facilitation System

DiSC Classic Online Assessments Include:

  • DiSC Classic 2.0 - Choose word or phrase responses
    • 23 page report
    • personalized DiSC profile
    • detailed information on DiSC dimensions
    • intensity index
    • classical profile pattern
  • DiSC Classic 2 Plus - Choice of word or phrase responses
    • The DiSC Classic 2.0 profile “Plus” six supplemental reports. Choose an application-focused report based on your particular needs and customize your training.

Sample/Research Reports

DiSC® Classic Online Sample Reports:

DiSC Classic Research Report

DiSC Classic Brochure