Customized Training & Assessment Based Learning

How are training program decisions made in your organization? We've all been inspired by reading the latest book, attending an industry conference, hearing a motivational speaker or just being told this too could change our lives. Is this really the BEST WAY to make these decisions?

TRC-The Resource Connection will take time to listen to your needs, frustrations, aspirations and goals..........and still ask the tough questions to help you decide if training is the solution and if so, what kind of training/learning process would best meet your needs. We will explore your objectives to help you evaluate the best learning assessment or tool to support your performance goals.

All of our programs are customized to address your specific needs within your unique environment, tailored to meet your goals and objectives.

We believe in the following Training Principles...

  • training isn't always the right solution — sometimes it's the symptom

  • training should be considered when the individuals “can't do” the task or skill required…helping individuals that simply “won't” perform involves motivation and management

  • the length of training time required to address a performance issue or skill deficiency should be based upon the level of proficiency desired ...real skill building takes time

  • isolated training events can inspire, motivate and increase awareness but rarely do they improve or change performance in the long run

  • repetition is part of how adults learn therefore training implemented over a period of time will always be more effective and better retained than a one shot deal

  • hands on field assignments designed for your company are one of the better ways to transfer learning back into the workplace — most people don't “get it” until they've tried it

  • sometimes training isn't needed at's something else

  • training impacts “how I perform”, consulting addresses “why I'm not using it”

  • even the best training will fail without reinforcement — that's why management must be involved and a reinforcement process must be in place after an event

We offer customized Workshops, Seminars and Program Series personalized for your company, your culture, your staff and your learning objectives in the following subject areas:

  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Team Building, Teamwork and Team Performance
  • Leadership, Management and Supervision
  • Work Styles / Communication Styles
  • DiSC® & Everything DiSC®
  • Myers-Brigg

Workshop Options

Customized Workshop Options

Half Day

  • Time Required 3-4 hours
    • A Beginning...

Full Day

  • Time Required 6-7 hours
    • Focused Growth

Multiple Days

  • 2-6 Half Days 2-4 Full Days
  • Progressive Development
    with Time to Practice Absorb,
    Apply & Adapt On-the-Job


  • TBD
    • Intense Learning

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